Salah is THE pillar of any day.
The daily prayer (salah) plays a central role in the daily life of a Muslim. This amazing prophetic rite is filled with beautiful utterances of remembrance, reflection and wisdom.
Jumu'ah/Friday khutbahcommences @12:45pm during Winter hours / @1:45pm during Summer hours.

About Us

The Muslim Community of Edmonton (MCE) Mosque evolved from the Muslim Students' Association (MSA) of the University of Alberta, in the mid-to-late 1980's.

Building our mosque commenced in 1989, and was completed in 1991. On Feb. 29th 1992 the MCE Mosque was officially opened for prayers, and since then the five daily prayers have been held regularly along with the weekly Jumu'ah prayer.  We also hold Taraweeh & Tahajjud prayers during Ramadan.
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