Da'wah (Outreach) Committee

Da'wah (Outreach) Committee
Our Mission
The mission of the MCE's Da'wah (Outreach) Committee is to promote Islam in Edmonton to non-Muslims and Muslims alike, in a wise and kind manner, and to replace the false interpretations/propaganda about Islam with the correct one, in accordance with the methodology of prophet Muhammad (may prayers & peace be upon him) and his companions.

A weekly session for new Muslims and non-Muslims interested in Islam is held on Sundays, from 1:30 to 3pm in-shaa'-Allah.
With the blessings and support of Allah, the MCE's Da'wah (Outreach) Committee envisions that it will effectively and efficiently share the message of prophet Muhammad (may prayers & peace be upon him) to every person in Edmonton before 2021 in-shaa'-Allah (Allah willing).

Get a FREE "Know Islam Package" information package about Islam for non-Muslims! The package includes a translation of the meanings of the Qur'an. Contact us today or visit this event's page on Facebook here!
All members of this committee are volunteers. We invite everyone to actively participate in the MCE's da'wah activities. To join or contact this committee please send an email to dawah@mcemosque.com.
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