Executive Committee

Executive Committee & Membership
Per our bylaws, all executive positions are volunteer/unpaid. To be eligible for general membership and/or an executive position, you must (a) be an active participant of the MCE (either by volunteering through one of its functional committees or making a financial donation), (b) complete and sign the membership form (click the "download file" link above) and (c) pay the annual fees. Once submitted your completed application will be reviewed annually for membership eligibility.

Memberships run from May 1st to Apr. 30th each year, and eligibility requirements must be renewed to be current within each membership year. Please contact us at mce@mcemosque.com for further details or clarifications.

The MCE Mosque's Executive team is comprised of 4 officers (below) and up to 5 additional director roles.
Ashique Khan

Jamal Osman

Suleyman Yacoub

Shakib Rahman


Vice President



Roles & Responsibilities of
Executive Committee Members 

General (for all committee members)
1) Implement the MCE's bylaws
2) Ongoing development of MCE Policies & Standard Operating Procedures
3) Planning & implementing different activities to accomplish the purpose of the MCE
4) It is a basic expectation that all Executive Committee members attend the MCE as frequently as possible to maintain regular contact with patrons, and ensure their attendance at meetings whenever called (special circumstances notwithstanding, only to include travel, illness or emergency family situations)

1) Oversight and management of all MCE Mosque functions
2) Emphasis on external relations, committees and communications
3) Ensuring the implementation of Executive Committee decisions and overall community relations
4) Coordinate functions and events (internally and externally)

Vice President
1) Act as the president in their absence, including signing authority and external relations
2) Assist the president in the general management of all MCE functions
3) Quarterly financial reports (in collaboration with the Treasurer)
4) Coordinate the khutbah schedule with the MCE Imam when needed (with outside speakers)

1) Responsible for all financial transactions (revenue, expenses, etc.)
2) Oversight of all fundraising activities
3) Quarterly/annual financial statements (in collaboration with the Vice President or President)
4) Issuing yearly tax receipts to donors (to be issued by February of the following year)

1) Custodian of all MCE seals, records & documents (including membership forms, lists, etc.)

2) Meeting minutes (documentation and circulation)

3) Membership form administration / maintaining record of approved members

4) Oversight of general communications, including mailing and communications

Muslimah (Sisters') Committee
1) Organize, coordinate, and facilitate ongoing & new initiatives for the sisters (lectures, etc.)
2) Responsible for all sisters’ activities, particularly the annual swimming contract
3) Respond to all sisters’ inquiries and provide services for the sisters, in collaboration with the sister contacts of the other functional committees

General Member - Social & Da'wah Committee Coordinator
1) Overseeing all Social & Da'wah Committee functions, and making sure they comply with the MCE’s policies and goals
2) Reporting committees’ progress to the MCE Executive Committee
3) Provide support to the committees’ chairs in operational/functional matters
4) Evaluate & approve volunteer process and overall committee expenses/budgets
5) Attendance during committee meetings & functions is strongly recommended

General Member - Facilities & Maintenance Coordinator
1) General maintenance and facilities issues
2) Obtaining quotes from vendors and providers
3) Coordinating / working with contractors & volunteers to complete site-wide initiatives (includes direct work & supervision of others)

1) General maintenance and facilities issues.
2) Obtaining quotes from vendors and providers.
3) Coordinating / working with contractors & volunteers to complete site-wide initiatives (includes direct work & supervision of others).
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