Qur'an School

Qur'an School
(weekend Saturday school)
Our Mission
To teach children the Qur'an, in a positive and enriching Islamic environment.
Curriculum and Placement
Our curriculum is geared towards laying a firm foundation for the recitation, and memorization of the book of Allah inshallah. In addition to recitation and memorization, the Islamic knowledge curriculum will help our students learn, and practice the basics of their religion. All students are tested prior to admission to determine which level best fits them. The levels are categorized as follows:

Beginners: Students who are unable to read from the Qur’an.
Material to be taught: Al Qa’idatoul Makiyah by Sheikh Hassan Ibn Saalim (Introduction to Qur’an recitation). Memorization of at least 10 short surahs which they can use for prayers.

Intermediate: Students can recite & read from the Qur’an past the beginner’s level.
Material to be taught: Recitation and, memorization, of Juzu’ Ama and Tabarak (Chapters 29 and 30) with basic tajweed rules.

Advanced: Students can read from the Qur’an with tajweed rules. Greater focus is put on memorization of the Qur’an at this level.
Material to be taught: Recitation and memorization with tajweed rules from Suratul Baqarah onward.

Students MUST grasp the material at a given level in order to advance to the next level.
Islamic Knowledge
Students are tested and placement is based on their age, and their level of Islamic knowledge. There are 10 levels of Islamic knowledge.

Material to be taught: Islamic Studies Level 1-10 (Weekend Learning)
The school accepts students between the ages of 4.5 years (provided they are socially/emotionally ready for school) and up to 18 years.
Admission Policy:
Admission to the MCE Qur’an School is based on completing the registration, student assessments and space availability.

If you are interested in registering your child, please follow the following steps:
  1. Read the program details to ensure that this is the right program for your child.
  2. Complete the online registration form. (The form is now open for Winter term registrations.)
  3. Ensure that your fees are paid prior to commencing the semester (the first day of the semester is the deadline to pay).
Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a spot at the school. If all spots are filled, interested applicant(s) will be placed on a waiting list, and contacted when a spot(s) becomes available in-shaa'-Allah.
Returning students are guaranteed a spot if they have met their targets (academic and attendance) in the preceding semester. If they give up their spot, then it will be made available to new students. We believe that small classes ensure that every student gets their learning needs addressed effectively.
Tuition Fees:
Tuition fees are due by the first day of each semester. We accept cash and cheques. We will accept postdated cheques for parents wanting to pay in instalments. The fees are $200/child (per semester).
Parents’ Involvement:
The success of our program highly depends on the parents’ contribution. Learning and Memorizing the Qur’an requires practice on a daily basis. Practice at home significantly improves children progress.

We provide every child a book and CDs (beginner’s level) which they can use at home. Teachers write down their weekly homework in their books, and parents are required to sign/comment in the book every week to confirm that the assigned homework was completed.

The school has an open door policy allowing parents to drop by and observe classroom activity. We welcome comments and suggestions from parents at all times.
If you have any questions/inquiries, please e-mail us at quranschool@mcemosque.com or call (780) 432-0208.
Attendance and Punctuality
Classes will begin at 10:30 am inshallah, please ensure that your child is in class by 10:15.

The process of learning requires continuity. Attendance is therefore mandatory unless there is a valid excuse. If you cannot bring your child to school regularly, please yield the spot to another student as seats are limited. Students who are unable to comply with the attendance policy will be asked to withdraw.

We schedule tests every now and then to check students’ progress and better address their learning needs.

School Reports
All students receive progress reports at the end of each semester. These reports list their achievements throughout the semester. Certificates are issued upon successful completion of a given level.

Recognition & Competitions
We have competitions to motivate, and encourage our students. Outstanding achievement will be recognized throughout the term with certificates and gifts.

Extracurricular Activities
We schedule extracurricular activities during the semester to motivate our students and maintain a balance between studying and leisure time.

Modeling Positive Behaviors
We understand the challenges that parents face in raising their children Islamically in this environment. We will in-shaa'-Allah work hand-in-hand with parents to model positive behaviours for their children according to the teachings of prophet Muhammad (peace, prayers & blessings onto him).

Each child is required to bring his/her lunch.

School Year & Hours
23rd September 2017 – 12th May 2018 / Saturdays, from 10:30am - 2pm

The MCE Qur’an School reserves the right to remove a student from the school if s/he does not adhere to the MCE Qur'an School Policies.

We ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala to bless your children and all Muslims with the recitation and understanding of the book of Allah, in accordance with the teachings of our greatest teacher - the Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam). And our last call is Alhamdu Lillahi Rabb Ilaalameen.
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